Welcome to The Sowan ubud

The Sowan Ubud

The town of Ubud, Bali has been long known as the artistic and cultural state of Bali. The tranquility of the surrounding area also makes it a perfect place for meditating.

Nowadays, Ubud is vibrant place for you to admire the art and culture, enjoy the tranquility and – at the same time – blend in with the other side of modern life.


A visit (in local language means: Sowan) to Ubud will give you a perfect balance to appreciate art/culture and tranquility against the ever changing and unavoidable modernization. At the same time, to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds the area.

But a visit may need a place to stay where you can recharge yourself before and after the adventure.


Welcome to The Sowan Ubud.


The Sowan Ubud is strategically located in Katik Lantang village. This village is one of the entrances to Ubud. Therefore, our establishment is a perfect gateway to visit this artistic town and a perfect spot for you to start the adventure… and to ends it by end of the day.